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I’ve known and worked with Chris Smith for the last five years and he would always be one of the first phone calls I’d make before starting any new series. Over the last thirty years I’ve worked with lots of good cameramen but not many who combine all the attributes you would want in a close collaborator. Chris is of course hugely creative and endlessly resourceful so from a filming point of view I would know that he would try to get the best out of every setup no matter how challenging or for that matter straightforward. From coordinating big multi-camera set ups to run of the mill pieces to camera he will deliver. He has great technical skill and will always have a number of solutions for a problem particularly if I’ve had the time to discuss it with him in advance. He’s also a very good drone pilot having the flying skills and camera knowledge to get better shots than a lot of standalone drone operators.

But what really sets Chris apart is that he is such a willing team player who goes out of his way to be involved with making the production a success outside of his responsibilities as a cameraman. From supporting talent or reassuring contributors he will share the load on location and make my life as a producer so much easier. He doesn’t grumble when the best laid plans go awry, when production forgets to book him a hotel room or when catering amounts to a service station sandwich. He’s great company and has an eclectic taste in music which makes a big difference on long motorway journeys week in week out. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Philip Smith

Director - Ugly House to Lovely House

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris Smith many times over the last four years, and he is absolutely my go to lighting cameraman of choice.

Chris has an incredibly versatile set of skills and a great selection of equipment, which has allowed me to capture some great content. He is really helpful and proactive in making sure we get the most out of any situation.

He has also been extremely helpful when cross shooting with production cameras, and has been happy to offer advice and assistance to Shooting PDs and APs.

Above all he is great company and all round top chap, which makes all the difference when working and traveling. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Rich Merritt

Director - Old House New Home